Uganda is rich in diversity with different culture, flora and fauna as well as geographic features. Game viewing is the most popular tourist activity in Uganda with wild animals like lions, buffaloes, giraffes, antelopes, elephants common in Uganda’s ten national parks. In addition to the game viewing, Uganda boats of being a home to half of the remaining mountain gorillas, harbored in Bwindi National Park.

Other gorillas are harbored in Rwanda and Congo, as well as Mgahinga National park in Uganda. All these are located in the Virunga Mountain Ranges. Gorilla tracking and habituation started in 1993 and has seen steady increase in the number of people tracking and also number of habituated gorilla family’s increase.

In addition to Bwindi National park, Queen Elizabeth National Park is one other prime wildlife park anyone interested in Uganda safaris should not miss. The park is famous for tree climbing lions in the southern sector – Ishasha Game Reserve. The tree climbing lions found in QE-NP intentionally climb trees and rest on them in the afternoon, when the sun is high. This is a truly unique phenomenon. Other activities that take place in the parks include nature walk, boat cruise, among others, sport fishing, among others. Uganda has various water bodies and swamps which also harbor wildlife as birds, game and flora.

Mountaineering and hiking is another tourist activity in Uganda. The Rwenzori Mountains, which are found at the border with the DRC, boast the snowcapped Margherita Peak (5109 m), the highest Mountain Range in Africa and also one of the highest peaks. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park also boasts three peaks, Mount Gahinga, Mount Sabyinyo, and Mount Muhavura, the highest peak in the national park. Mount Elgon, located in Eastern Uganda, offers tourists another great opportunity for hiking, climbing, and also has one of the largest calderas in the world. Bird watching is another tourist activity that brings in tourist all over the world. There are various bird species in Uganda with over 1000 bird species.

Among the rare species is the shoebill which can be found in Mabamba swamp and Delta on Nile river-Murchison falls NP. Uganda was named the leading birding destination area in Africa by birding journal. Cultural tour is another tourist attraction in Uganda. There is diverse cultural set up in Uganda with over 52 tribes. Notably, there is Baganda culture, Batwa cultural trails, Karamajong culture among others, all of which bring tourists all over the world.