Safari Planning

Information for visitors planning to visit Uganda
While planning for a safari in Uganda, below is compiled information to help you figure out your journey through Uganda so as to have a wonderful experience when you visit Uganda.

Entering Uganda – Visa and Travel documents
This may seem obvious but we can’t underestimate mentioning it as its very important. Make sure your passport is valid and won’t be expiring with in a period of six months or so which you maybe away on safari in a foreign country. Also not to have a backup of all your travel documents by making photocopies of those documents should they get lost, also have a copy of your travel documents on your email. Should your documents go missing, it will e easier to claim or get a valid travel document for a time until your documents get processed in a foreign county.

If you hope to go for self-drive or hire a vehicle during your travel to Uganda or hoping to work in the country, acquire an international driving permit, which you will present together with your origin al driving license.
You may also need to acquire an international health certificate as you may be required to present it when entering certain countries or crossing borders for a verification of immunization against yellow fever.

Don’t forget to have a detailed write-up of your important information, contacts, your family and friends contacts and distribute it within your language for security reasons. Incase your luggage got lost you would have a chance of finding it. Information you should not leave out includes – your travel insurance policy details as well as 24 hours emergency contact numbers, passport number, details of relatives or friends to be contacted in an emergency, bank and credit card detail of relatives or friends to be contacted incase of emergency, bank and credit card details and your travelers’ cheque numbers and other details that you may find important.

Traveling with Family
Uganda is a peaceful with welcoming people who make children comfortable. While planning to travel to Uganda with children its important to know how will workout. While travelling in a taxi, bus and matatu, children pay a full fair as an adult if occupying a seat. For accommodations, usually if informed a child’s bed is put for you in your room. Some accommodations can allow negotiations about children’s accommodation. In national parks, children fees are also negotiable depending on the age of the child but some fees are standard
Take your time to plan for your children while planning a trip to Uganda as children need a lot of care and careful planning is very necessary.

Transport Means in Uganda

Air transport is available
Uganda has international and charted air crafts to fly to airstrips around the country. Uganda has chattered flights going to the following regions of the country. Moroto and Tororo, North(Sorpti, Lira, Gulu, Paraa(for Murchison falls National park) Pakuba (for Kidepo national Park) West Kasese(for Queen Elizabeth national Park), South West( Mbarara). Booking a chartered flight can be done from any travel agency in Uganda and at our offices at Africa Adventure Safaris.

Road Transport in Uganda
This is the most commonly used means of transport in Uganda. Uganda comprises of a fair road network that are manageable for visitors to drive on. Public transport is available including taxis / mini busses that are usually found in taxi parks. There are also buses when traveling upcountry and are much safer than taxis when going for long distances. Its advisable to bargain and agree on taxi or buss or matatu transport fair before entering the taxi. Most taxis or buses will not leave the taxi park before they get full and its very important to know which place your going to before boarding a taxi or bus because each taxi has a certain route/location its driving to so if u enter a wrong taxi, you will end up in a wrong location yet you have to pay.

You can also opt for special hire services, which is more expensive than public means but more convenient still to note is to bargain price before you set off.