Uganda Wildlife Authority (UwA)

As lovers of Uganda’s nature we need a constant eye on its resources to ensure that they are conserved and protected well. It is therefore against this background that the Uganda Wildlife Authority comes in to play this crucial role. Uganda Wildlife Authority is a semi-autonomous government agency. That conserves and manages Uganda’s wildlife for the people of Uganda and the world at large. UWA is responsible for tourism and wildlife conservation in Uganda. In case you want to be part of some tourism activities such as gorilla trekking Bwindi Forest NP in Bwindi/Mgahinga, Mountain hiking, game viewing, bird watching and reach out to all other tourism spots in uganda, Contact Uganda

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) came into existence in 1996 following the merging of the Uganda National Parks and the Game Department, and the enactment of the Uganda Wildlife Statute, which became an Act in 2000.

UWA is mandated to ensure sustainable management of wildlife resources and supervise wildlife activities in Uganda both within and outside the protected areas. The agency oversees all the 10 national parks and 12-wildlife reserve and they have made a great significance to attract investors into the sector.

In addition to the national parks and reserves, UWA also manages five community wildlife management areas and 13 wildlife sanctuaries. The Authority is working hard to combat some of the major challenges facing the management and conservation of wildlife and biodiversity in Uganda that include; poaching, competition in the regional tourism market, human-wildlife conflict and wildlife crimes.

UWA has also employed stakeholders, partners and communities that live around these protected areas to help tackle some of these issues. Formulation of Strategies within its management policies to help in the solving of these challenges has been undertaken by UWA.

UWA important contacts
Plot 7 Kira Road
P. O. Box 3530, Kampala Uganda
Tel: +256-414- 355000/+256-312-355000
Fax: +256-414-346291