Uganda Investment Authority

Uganda has one of the most conducive investment climates in Africa and this is facilitated by the favorable policies and guidelines put up by the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) under the Government of Uganda. The authority is a statutory agency mandated to initiate and support measures that enhance investment in Uganda and advise Government on appropriate policies conducive for investment promotion and growth. The UIA is dynamic in its policies to accommodate for the changing investment environment and government priorities.

The UIA also works hand in hand with the private sector as a semi-autonomous government agency to drive national economic growth and development. As an investment promotion agency, the UIA mainly works on the following;
Markets investment opportunities
Promotes packaged investment projects
Provides the necessary investment information to both local and foreign investors
Offers business support, advisory and advocacy services.

The major objectives of the Uganda Investment Authority include;
Attract value-adding investment that brings technology, skills and jobs
Contribute to the image of Uganda as a leading African investment destination
Provide serviced sites, buildings and competitive infrastructure to meet the needs of growing Ugandan based businesses
Stimulate and lead key stakeholders in creating a competitive business environment
Setup and develop industrial and business parks
Offer support to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Promote, attract and retain value adding domestic and foreign direct investments through targeted marketing and aftercare services.

Uganda the preferred investment destination in Africa

The Uganda Investment Authority is highly commended for its effort to make Uganda one of the best investment destinations in Africa through endorsing favorable policies that make it easy for both local and foreign investors to set up enterprises in Uganda. Some of these policies include;

Advocating for reduced interest bank rates for investments
Supporting acquisition of investment loans from banks to investors
Supporting the starting and development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Offering business advisory services to investors
Encouraging tax holidays and subsidies for investors
Providing the necessary information and guidelines to investors about investment in Uganda
Marketing locally produced products internationally
Promoting infrastructural development to facilitate investment
Skilling the potential local labor force to support investors

Important contacts of the Uganda Investment Authority

Toll free Anti-corruption hotline: 0800100770
Head office
The Investment Center
TWED Plaza, plot 22B, Lumumba Avenue
Tel: +256-414-301000
P. O. BOX 7418 Kampala Uganda