Gorilla Trekking in Uganda


The mountain gorillas are endangered species that are currently remaining in only three countries on the planet: Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. There about 900 mountain gorillas in these three countries however Uganda has half of the gorilla population in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and other few in Mgahinga gorilla national park located in south western Uganda. gorilla safaris in Bwindi

The mountain gorillas are among the wild animals that are close to human beings with about 94.5% DNA similar to humans. This means that the gorillas have some typical human beings characteristics. Deep in the equatorial forest jungles of the Virunga volcanoes, the mountain gorillas live in groups led by silver backs (male mountain gorillas).

Mountain gorillas are dangerous animals and therefore easily attack intruders of their territories however in a struggle to enable tourists to visit these unique apes, most gorilla groups were habituated to make them get used to human beings (especially tourists) presence in their habitants. Today the habituated gorilla groups can be visited and some of them actually now freely pose for photographs- a typical human beings characteristic.
Habituated gorilla groups in Uganda

Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga gorilla national parks have a total of 12 habituated gorilla groups 11 of which can be found in Bwindi and the other in Mgahinga national park. All the gorilla groups in Uganda were named according to their character and the places they were first seen and are staying today.

All the 12-habituated gorilla groups can be found in the three major sectors in the area. The Buhoma sector is the most popular sector located in the northern part of Bwindi impenetrable national park with three gorilla groups which include Rushegura group with 19 gorilla members including one silverback, Habinyanja group with 17 gorilla members including two silverbacks and Mubare group with 8 gorilla members including 1 silverback and it’s the oldest habituated gorilla group in Uganda.

In the southern part of the parks, there are two sectors- Rushaga and Nkuringo. The Rushaga sector is made up of five gorilla groups that include: Busingye gorilla group having 9 gorilla members including 1 silverback, Nshongi gorilla group with 26 gorilla members including 4 silverbacks, Mishaya gorilla group with 12 gorilla members including 1 silverback and Kahungye gorilla group with 13 gorilla members including 3 silverbacks.
The Nkuringo sector has one gorilla group-Nkuringo group with 19 gorilla members including 2 silverbacks.

The eastern part of Bwindi has the Ruhija sector that is comprised of three gorilla groups which include Oruzogo gorilla group with 25 gorilla members including 2 silverbacks, Bitukura gorilla group with 14 members including 4 silverbacks and Kyaguriro group with 15 gorilla members including 2 silverbacks (the Kyaguriro group was mainly left for research and its not usually visited by tourists).
The Nyakagezi gorilla group is located in Mgahinga national park and has 10 gorilla members including 3 silverbacks. gorilla safaris in Bwindi
Getting gorilla permits

Gorilla tracking permits in Uganda can be got at the Uganda Wildlife Authority offices in Kampala or from a trusted tour operator at $600. Only 88 gorilla permits are issued out daily and only 8 tourists are allowed to track a gorilla group. This is done to minimize impact of behavioral change and disease spreading. This means that all tourists interested in viewing gorillas should make early bookings so that they do not miss. However in the low tourists season around April, May and November, gorilla permits are sold at $350 for foreign non-residents and $300 for foreign residents.
All the tourists interested in a gorilla safari should note that the gorilla trekking process has an age limit-Only individuals from 15 years and above are allowed.

Tourists are also very free to choose their preferred gorilla group in order to fully enjoy the gorilla experience. You are therefore advised to give in full details of your desired gorilla group to avoid misallocation. Mountain gorillas in Uganda can be trekked at any time of the year but best experiences can be got in the dry seasons.
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