Tips On How To Keep Healthy

Traveling and enjoying a new destination with new attractions and activities with no hinderance is a great experience for travelers on Falling sick and...
Uganda gorilla tours

End of Discounted Gorilla Permits in Uganda

With effect from 30th November 2017, the discounted gorilla permits will be no more in Uganda to those coming for gorilla trekking. Since 2014,...
Tips to Travel to Uganda

British Citizens Given Green Light to Travel to Uganda

For British citizens traveling for Uganda safaris, it’s now a walk away with no restrictions. The decision which allow British citizens to travel...
Tracking tips and guidelines

Gorilla Trekking Rules & Regulations

At the start of every gorilla tracking day, all travelers attend a simple briefing about the rules, regulations and guidelines while with the gorillas...

Tour operators

All safaris to uganda are planned and arranged through various tour operators who offer safari packages and the nearby countries depending on the...

Trekking Mountain Gorillas

The forested mountains of southwestern Uganda, northwestern Rwanda and southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo are habitants of the remaining populations of the greatly endangered...

Working In Uganda

Uganda has job opportunities for foreigners as they come with expert knowledge and resources on running businesses. The best way to get a job...

Health Tips

Health Advice for Ugandan Travelers Uganda is a tropical climate and you should take precaution so as to keep healthy. Travelers don’t usually get sick...