Top adventurous activities to do in Uganda


Conquer your fears and engage in an adventurous activity that will put your adrenaline to test.  Uganda, better known for wildlife safaris like gorilla tours in Bwindi, has also got adventurous spots that host lots of nerve cracking and breathtaking experiences.

The source of the Nile, Jinja dubbed as “the capital of adventure” is the most popular spot for activities that will put you on the edge. Along the Nile, white water rafting, bungee jumping, cycling, horseback riding, kayaking and tubing are done.

The other spots for adventurous activities in Uganda are Rwenzori ranges and Mountain Elgon which offer the most challenging hiking expeditions in the country. Sipi Falls on Mount Elgon offer abseiling a unique hike experience peculiar to the African continent and also the different national game parks peripherally provide activities like cycling, hot air balloon safari and horseback riding.  

The list of adventurous activities to do in Uganda is endless and we came up with the most popular seven basing on the experience of previous travellers.

Whitewater Rafting at Itanda falls – River Nile

Uganda has so many raised landforms making mountaineering a doable activity. Travellers normally seek out Rwenzori Ranges, the Mountains of the Moon, Mount Elgon, a huge dormant volcano and the scenic and misty Virunga ranges.  Rwenzori ranges situated in Kasese, west of Uganda on the congo borders has the highest peak and is the most hiked mountain in Uganda. Its summits are snow-capped attracting numerous climbers from different parts of the globe to hike it. It averagely takes 9 days to ascend and descend the mountains of the moon. The other formidable mountain to hike is Mountain Elgon, a towering dormant volcano with one of the largest intact calderas in the world. The hike of Elgon provides beautiful sightings of Wagagi peak, Sipi falls, natural vegetation and Arabica coffee plantations.   

Virunga ranges are worth a mention, Uganda has three of the ranges that make up the Virunga massif, namely Gahinga, Mufumbiro, and muhavura. These little volcanoes are the most scenic landscapes you can ever hike. They shelter varied wildlife species including the endangered mountain gorillas, golden monkeys and countless bird species.

Mountain climbing in Uganda is daunting due to the heights of the mountains but ever exciting and adventurous since these raised landforms are biodiversities themselves and also possess beautiful features like waterfalls, glaciers, calderas, unique rocks as well as wildlife.

Abseiling at Sipi

Abseiling activity is not usual in Uganda and it is only hosted at Sip Falls along Mount Elgon in the east of the country.

A cliff at Sipi Falls renders a chance to let your adrenaline rush. Abseiling is a devil daring activity that involves descending a rock face or cliff by using a doubled rope coiled around your body and fixed at a higher point.  The activity is well facilitated with professionally trained instructors and standard abseiling tools to guarantee the safety of the participants.

Hot Air Balloon Safari

The hot air balloon safari takes place in Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park organised by Dream Balloon. During the hot air balloon tour at Murchison Falls National Park, Visitors use parachutes like aircraft with an engine ignition to fly around the park having an aerial view of the dotted savannah prairies, animals and River Nile and its plummeting white waterfalls.  The moment offers a mixed feeling of excitement and fear. A maximum of 8 passengers are carried in each balloon and only persons of six years and above are allowed to take part in the activity.  

Horseback Riding

The most popular places for horseback riding are Jinja and Lake Mburo National park. Horseback riding in Jinja is a unique ride through the remote villages of the area and outstanding landscapes on the margins of the River Nile.  Lake Mburo National Park offers a different experience as it involves riding through the wilderness indiscriminately encountering exotic animals like zebras, impalas, Ugandan kobs, elands and other grazers. This is such an enthralling experience.

Bungee Jumping in Jinja

Breaking out of your comfort zone and doing things that make your blood rush with enthusiasm, the complete feeling of satisfaction. A great way to do this is by going bungee jumping in Jinja

One of the astonishing things about going bungee jumping is the moment when one leaps into or jumps over the Nile River, the longest river in the world. Touching the fresh, white waters of this river is remarkable. The safety standards of the Nile high bungee are extremely great and as a matter of fact, they are equivalent to those in New Zealand. Every item used for this spectacular activity is critically tested by one of the staff members to ensure complete safety.

The bungee cords used are made of pure white latex rubber which is of the highest quality and the best material recommended by manufacturers worldwide. It has an appropriate span, so there is no need to be scared that the cord might tear in the middle of one’s jump, during the 47m drop in the air. One can go bungee jumping at any time of the day, including in the dark!

The minimum age for going bungee jumping is 13 years which brings about a suitable age range for doing this.

Zip Lining in Mabira forest

Within Mabira a huge rainforest located a few miles away from Kampala, there is a canopy aerial trail that passes through the tallest trees in the rainforest. Travellers tied with ropes ski through the trees across a web of 5 zip lines that reach as far as River Musamya. The zip lines are 250 metres off the ground and participants are guided by sky captains. On this sky trail, an array of varied wildlife species is encountered including monkeys, reptiles, amphibians, birds, butterflies and unique plants.

Cycling and Mountain Biking

Cycling is done in every part of the country but the ideal places for cycling are Jinja and Bwindi impenetrable forest. Biking in Jinja takes place in the areas contagious to River Nile like Kakira, Walukuba, Bugembe and Jinja city. In Bwindi, the biking trails pass through the forest region and the nearby towns of Kabale and Kisoro.