Basoga wedding culture

The Kyabazinga  is a title  meaning  King among the Busoga people who live on the shores of river Nile in eastern uganda.  They address him as Kyabazinga Isebantu which means ” the father of all” and the Queen Her highness Inebantu (mother of all).

The current king is William Wilberforce Kadhumbula Gabula Nadiope IV who was crowned on 13th September 2014 after being approved by Busoga parliament (Lukiiko). The royal palace of Kyabazinga is called Igenge, found in Bugembe Town council 9.4 km south of Jinja city. The Kyabazinga recently revealed to the public his interest to marry the queen to be Jovia Mutesi. He posted on platform X, the portrait unveiling the face of her highness with a caption of  “Her highness Inebantu Queen of Busoga.” His deed incited joy among his subjects here and abroad who had for long demanded of him to marry.

Before the King posted the portrait  he had already visited the parents of Her highness  fulfilling  traditional  marriage practice the family of Mutesi was honored to host the King.  Traditionally, if the king is interested in your daughter it is considered as a privilege for that family to offer their daughter willingly for the king to marry. Many elders from Busoga and government officials  showed massive support for the king and launched a fundraising drive for the Kyabazinga  Royal wedding. 

The organizing committee of 23 members is chaired by Hon.  Rebbecca Kadaga the first Deputy prime minister and former speaker of the parliament of the Republic of Uganda.  Other committee members include, resident judge of Iganga High Court, KCCA director, presidential affairs minister, chairman of Uganda Supreme Council and general duties minister. The committee contributed  304 millions so as to and the chairperson encouraged the public to support the ceremony.

Those intending to contribute can do so through  Centenary bank accounts, Airtel and MTN merchant codes registered under Kyabazinga of Busoga. So far  Nile Breweries Limited has  contributed 450 millions  and  promised to produce specially branded wedding beer. With this kind of support the wedding preparations are moving on smoothly.

The royal wedding dinner is slated to take place on 27th October 2023 at Kololo independence grounds in Kampala. The ticket cost is UGX 500,000 for individuals and 5 millions for a table of 10 people. Then the official royal wedding ceremony for Kyabazinga will take place on 18th November 2023 at Bugembe Christ’s Cathedral in Jinja city and will be streamed live on media platforms. Streaming will be done in various places such as    playgrounds, homes, district headquarters and  wedding cakes will be served at district headquarters in Busoga region.