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Why you should visit Uganda in 2021

Uganda is famously referred to as the "Peal of Africa" a name which was given by former British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill after his visit to the east African country more than 60 years ago. To call Uganda so, Churchill based on his observation of Uganda's natural beauty which is made up of the ever-warm weather, dozens of...

Exploring Uganda’s big five game

Uganda is one of the countries that are blessed with the big five game that include lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and the cape buffalo that are all readily seen on a wildlife safari. The term big five was initially used by the big-game hunters who referring to the five most difficult animals to hunt on foot though it is now commonly used...

African Grey Parrot conservation center Uganda

African gray parrot
A new African Grey Parrot conservation center has opened at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe. The facility was established with funding from the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Chubu University in Japan. Its primary purpose is to support research on African gray parrots, promote eco-tourism, and contribute to education and the local economy. Many people's interactions with...

Toro Semliki Wildlife Reserve in Uganda

Toro semliki Wildlife Reserve
The Toro Semliki Wildlife Reserve sits in the western region of Uganda, spanning across Ntoroko and Kabarole districts. Originally established as a game reserve in 1926, it covers an area of 542 square kilometers. The reserve is set in a striking rift valley landscape, nestled between the Rwenzori Mountains, Kijura Escarpment, and Lake Albert. It holds particular appeal for...

Mubwindi swamp for Birdwatching

Mubwindi swamp
Mubwindi Swamp, located within Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the Ruhija sector, holds a mysterious tale passed down through generations. Translating to "Dark Swamp," its name reflects the ominous atmosphere surrounding its story. According to local lore dating back to the 1920s, the Kigezi clan embarked on a journey from the southwest to the north of Kigezi, passing through the...

Ngogo chimpanzee project in Uganda

Ngogo chimpanzee
The Ngogo Chimpanzee Project is found in Kibale National Park in Uganda and stands as a beacon of dedication to studying and protecting the Ngogo chimpanzee community. The project was founded in 1995 by David Watts of Yale University and John Mitani from the University of Michigan and has been a hub of scientific inquiry and conservation efforts aimed...

Gorilla Permit Booking in Uganda

gorilla permit
A gorilla permit is a crucial document issued by government authorities, such as the Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Rwanda Development Board, that enables tourists aged about 15 years and above to trek mountain gorillas in designated habitats. These habitats include Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga in Uganda, as well as Volcanoes in Rwanda and Virunga National Parks in Congo. The...

The Sebei (Sabiny) culture

Sebei culture
The Sebei, also known as the Sabinyi, are a Southern Nilotic ethnic group found across various countries in East Africa, including Eastern Uganda, Western Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. In Uganda, they primarily inhabit three districts for instance; Kapchorwa, Bukwo, and Kween. Within the Sebei community, there are three distinct but closely related tribes...

Dolwe Island rock art in Uganda

Dolwe Island
Dolwe Island rock art, also known as Lolwe or Lolui Island, is situated in the eastern part of Uganda, in the northeastern region of Lake Victoria within the Busoga region, specifically in Namayingo district. Covering an area of 25 square kilometers, this island has been in existence for approximately 300-500 years. The landscape of Dolwe Island is characterized by granite...

Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo 2024

The Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo (POATE) was launched by Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) in 2017. Over the years, POATE has become a major travel trade show in East Africa for business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). The 8th edition of POATE is scheduled to start on 23rd and end on 25th May at the Speke...

Buganda Kingdom in Uganda

Buganda Kingdom
The Buganda kingdom is the largest of Uganda's traditional, medieval, and subnational kingdoms. It was established in the late 14th century along the shores of Lake Victoria and grew to become an important and powerful state during the 19th century. Geographically, the Buganda kingdom is surrounded by Lake Victoria to the south, the River Nile to the east, Lake...

Ssese islands (Archipelago) in Uganda

ssese islands
Situated in the northwest of Lake Victoria, the Ssese Islands consist of 84 individual islands. Some of these islands are large and have a dense population, while others are small and uninhabited. These Ssese islands are lushly forested due to the annual rainfall exceeding 2000mm. The largest island in the Ssese group is Buggala, which accounts for more than...