Real Estate Businesses In Uganda

Real estate business

Dealing in selling, renting and buying of land, houses and apartments, real estate business has presently become a major area of business in Uganda. Profit earning is the main focus for all the stakeholders in the real estate business, brokers, managers and the owners of the property among others. The business entails different opportunities, which include the real estate brokerage where a middleman between the property owner and the buyers or the tenants charge a specific fee or is paid commission. Land real estate development involves an individual buying land which he/she improves and then divide it into small units for selling at a profit, commercial real estate development is where an individual constructs units for a monthly fee, condominium real estate development in which an individual/group of individuals construct a building and divide into small units for sale. A real estate management is where an individual manages a property owned by some one else and the Uganda real estate appraisal in which an individual is employed to provide professional real estate valuation services.
The leading real estate dealers in Uganda include the following:

Bavan Agencies
Located on Kampala road plot number 170 fort portal Uganda, Bavan agencies is in properties for sale/rent including plots of land for sale, residential houses for rent, agricultural land for sale and houses for sale at negotiable prices.
Contact us: +256 705818593

Twed consulting company/Real estate consultants
These are located on plot 10 kafu Rd kampala, Uganda dea;ling in real estate management, marketing and sales, property services, property project planning, land identification and acquisition and demand assessment to maximize financial returns.
Contact us: +256 705818593

Akwaaba Home properties & palmer investments
The company is located on plot 2 Combe road entyebbe Uganda dealing in renting, sales and property management services.
Contact us: +256 705818593

Golden properties Uganda limited
Located in bugolobi kampala Uganda, golden properties Uganda limited is a Ugandan real estate enterprise company dealing in benchmarked selling, buying and managing of real estate properties in Uganda. They sell and outsource houses, plots, estate properties and commercial land at a negotiable price. For more details,
Contact us: +256 705818593

Property consultants limited
These are located on Agip House, plot76 kampala road P.O.Box 20123 Kampala Uganda. The company specializes in property development business and as property agents. For detailed information,
Call us: +256 705818593

Wilken property services Ltd
Located on plot 516& 844 Najjanankumbi-Entebbe Rd, P.O.Box 7438 Kampala Uganda, wilken property services Ltd is a trusted real estate business partners dealing in property management, buying and selling of land and property, management of construction sites, comprehensive land registration services, plumbing and electrical installation among others. For detailed information,
Contact us : +256 705818593

Jomayi Property Consultants
Located on 20 Old Kampala road near St Matia Muulumba Church, 4477 Kampala Uganda, Jomayi property consultants are the leading dealers in property management, houses for rent and land for, sale and renting at affordable rates. You can contact us for more details:
contact us:+256 705818593