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Uganda’s Lakes and Rivers

In addition to her amazing wildlife safaris, Uganda is also a well-watered country with nearly one-fifth of the total area covered by open water...

Uganda’s Lakes & Rivers

Strategically positioned in the heart of Africa, Uganda is a well-watered country with nearly one-fifth of the total area covered by open water and...
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Butterfly Watching In Uganda

Uganda is a spectacular area and one of the finest regions for the butterfly enthusiast. Uganda hosts about 33% of the total of all...
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A 2018 Guide To Gorilla Trekking

The mountain gorillas are endangered species that are currently remaining in only three countries on the planet: Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo....

FAQS on Gorilla Trekking in Africa

How can you differentiate a mountain gorilla to other gorillas? On the look, the mountain gorillas are more grey than brown, are covered with...

Birding In Uganda

In the heart of eastern Africa, Uganda harbors unique tropical forests, savannah, Africa’s highest mountains and an incredible amount of wildlife. It is a...
the only bahai temple in Africa

Bahai Temple

The Bahia temple Baha’i House of Worship Quiet and serenity reflects the spiritual truths of the Baha’i Faith: The oneness of God, the oneness of...

Kidepo National Park

As the eyes of the world continue to be drawn to Africa and Uganda in particular, the continent’s somber history begins to fade away...
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Uganda’s Tourism

Following the 2012 decision by the government to task Uganda’s embassies and foreign missions abroad with promoting the country as a favorable investment, trade...
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Uganda’s Attractions

<a href="http:// Gorilla Trekking Uganda is well known all over the word as the country with most Mountain Gorillas. In fact Uganda is...