Uganda’s Activities

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The Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley Park according to the CNN, is one of the best parks in Africa but it also the most remote and the mot unvisited park in Uganda. Kidepo has stunning scenery, abundant wildlife and probably some of the largest buffalo herds to be found. This park has all the Big 5. Today the security of the park has greatly improved and guaranteed though it is a long drive to the park. Its conviniently accessed when u fly over to the park. With a drive, you reach the park on the second day’s drive here, either around lunchtime or in the evening depending which road you took.

If you want to do a safari in uganda to include the gorilla trekking and other wildlife viewing, you will need more than 10 days Uganda safari. The tour can include the Kidepo Valley Park and Murchison Falls along with the chimpanzees at Budongo Forest and Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in a seven to 8 day safari. Kidepo Valley Park is one of the premier safari parks in Uganda and very recommended to include on places to tour in Uganda.

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest savannah park in Uganda and also the closest wildlife park to Kampala. For many travelers Lake Mburo is a stop-over on the way from Bwindi national park after your gorilla safari on the return journey to Kampala and or Entebbe. Wildlife to see this park includes Burchell Zebras – you can also find the large Eland Antelopes here. You also can go for horseback Safari, ride an ATV Quad Vehicle through the park, mountain bike, hike and go birding, fish in the lake and many more fun activities.

Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda:

A tour to lake Bunyonyi is best coupled with Chimpanzee and Gorilla Tracking, Hiking in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains or climbing one of the Volcanoes. Lake Bunyonyi is one of the best places to relax and chill out.
Fishing can’t be done from here since there area only lungfish found here, but you certainly enjoy volumes of crayfish fresh from the Lake while staying here at Lake Bunyonyi

The Semliki Valley:

Semliki National Park and Wildlife Reserve is a part of Uganda’s Great Rift Valley – the Semliki Valley is stunning beautiful, ancient. As you come down the escarpment of the Western Albertine Rift you will find the views very amazing, vast savannah grasslands, forests, bordered by the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon all creating beautiful tapestry of nature.

Semliki National Park and Wildlife reserve are not on the beaten tourist path and many visitors find that as an added plus of staying here for a few days. You will enjoy the many things that one can do and see in the Semliki Valley.