The most attractive towns in Uganda for revelers and travelers


    The ongoing lockdown brought about by the global pandemic of Covid-19 has painfully restricted people worldwide from traveling to their favorite spots be it for business, social and leisure purposes.

    Likewise, in Uganda, the pandemic has limited people from traveling to some of the country’s popular spots for their well-known routines like beach life, adventure, leisure, cuisines, among others.

    Here is the list of places for such lucrative activities in Uganda that are very famous among revelers and travelers.


    Kampala is Uganda’s hub for almost everything including business, entertainment and accommodation. Kampala dwellers usually hangout in the city’s very many hotspots like bars, clubs and pubs to enjoy nightlife after spending their day while hustling to make a living. in Kampala, you get exactly what you ask for with each reveler able to find a hotspot with packages that correspond well with the size of their wallet. Right from the city center to every corner and suburb of it, it’s just music and jamming every evening as revelers try to shake off the day’s stress while warming for that of the following day. This all-inclusive lavish nightlife makes Kampala one of the best if not the best hotspot for revelers in the country.


    After enjoying all the fun that Kampala has got to offer, Entebbe provides the most immediate alternative for more fun-filled experiences but this time with a different version. The most attractive encounter at Entebbe for revelers is the beach life presented by the various beaches available at this famous peninsular along the northern shores of Lake Victoria, the second-largest fresh-water lake in the world. Unlike in Kampala where revelers flock clubs and pubs each night, majority revelers go to Entebbe beaches over the weekend usually starting from Friday to Sunday. At the beaches, revelers enjoy a variety of fun-filled activities like swimming, boat cruises, sand bathing, beach soccer, among others which are followed by a variety of foods and drinks to crown the evenings. Of course, cuisines like fish prepared in all formats dominates the menu and then a range of others can be added.


    The leisure life at Jinja does not differ much from that of Entebbe given that both are water-based outing places. Jinja is another adventurous hotspot located on the northeastern shores of Lake Victoria famous for being the source of the Nile, the longest river in the world. Majority of the revelers who got to Jinja mostly are attracted by adventurous encounters like the visiting the source of the Nile, white-water rafting in the bubbling waters of the Nile, bungee-jumping, kayaking, boat cruises, among others. This amazing hotspot is also surrounded by beautiful resorts and gardens where visitors usually go to relax, eat and drink after quenching their adventure thirst at the source of the Nile.

    Fort Portal

    Fort Portal is located in western Uganda and it is the gate way to Uganda’s tourism hub known for its abundant wildlife species and many other physical attractions like mountains and the Rift Valley. Fort Portal is mostly attractive because of its stunning environment made of beautiful natural attractions like wildlife, crater lakes, mountains, among others. Travelers who go to Fort Portal mainly aim to see these outstanding attractions and to relax in the cool environment with the beautiful sceneries.


    Mbarara is located in the southwestern part of Uganda and it is commonly refereed to as the capital city of the region. The city is so cool and its visitors usually enjoy its calm environment while shopping is also one of the main agendas in the city. A short trip to Lake Mburo National Park from Mbabara for incredible safari activities like horseback riding, game viewing and boat cruise also makes the town more attractive.