challenges facing education in uganda

Pupils and Parents Arrested Over Absenteeism

Absenteeism is a major cause for failure and poor performance in schools at all levels of learning especially those in villages. As a strategy...
Hair dressing in uganda

Hair dressing in Uganda

Good looking is everyone’s desire and beauty is a composition of many things including nice hair for both men and women. ...
My uganda

Community tourism a way forward for Uganda

Uganda having been looked at as a unique and potential tourism destination by travelers from all parts of the world, the promotion of community-based...
Transport in Uganda

Transport In Uganda

Traveling to, from and within uganda is very safe and quick. There are diverse means of transport with which you can reach out...
Uganda Foods

Uganda Cuisine

While reflecting on what makes Uganda the pearl of Africa, cuisine is one of the things that make Uganda an exceptional country. Uganda...

Guide to Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

An encounter with mountain gorillas in the wilderness is a countless and extra ordinary occurrence in a traveler’s lifetime. Done in the Volcanoes national...

FAQS on Gorilla Trekking in Africa

How can you differentiate a mountain gorilla to other gorillas? On the look, the mountain gorillas are more grey than brown, are covered with...
Trekking Gorillas

Gorilla Tours in Uganda – Why is there an increase in the number of...

Mountain gorilla tracking can be done either in Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and the number of these endangered species is noticeably increasing.One...
lake victoria

Uganda’s Lakes and Rivers

In addition to her amazing wildlife safaris, Uganda is also a well-watered country with nearly one-fifth of the total area covered by open water...

Birding in Uganda

In the heart of eastern Africa, Uganda harbors unique tropical forests, savannah, Africa’s highest mountains and an incredible amount of wildlife. It is a...