Uganda's celebrities

Top 7 Ugandan Artists/Celebrities

Are you a music fun? Do you know the current top artists in Uganda’s music industry? We bring you Uganda’s popular artists/celebrities and their...

What are the most profitable business ventures in Uganda?

Uganda is popularly known as the "Pearl of Africa" due to her impressive natural beauty usually witnessed by visitors during their Uganda safari experiences...
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Community tourism a way forward for Uganda

Uganda having been looked at as a unique and potential tourism destination by travelers from all parts of the world, the promotion of community-based...
Dealers in Skin care products in Uganda

Dealers in Skin Care Products- Cosmetics Uganda

As a slogan tells, “your looks is your pride” good looking is a desire for every man/woman in our present lifestyle. In all parts...
Uganda hosts the world cup trophy

FIFA World Cup Arrives In Uganda

Are you a football fun? The long awaited FIFA world cup trophy has finally arrived in Uganda. Today 5th March 2018, Uganda marks the...
Uganda politics

Gen Kale Kaihura & Tumukunde Fired From Office

Gen Kale Kaihura & Tukukunde Fired From Office The evening of 4th March 2018 didn’t go well with the former police boss Gen kale kayihura...
69th Graduation at Makerere University

The 69th Makerere Graduation Ceremony

Makerere 69th Graduation Ceremony There is jubilation at Makerere University as academicians celebrate the long awaited 6th grand graduation ceremony with their families and...

Nightlife in Kampala

Top clubs & Pubs in Kampala Nightlife is all you need to refresh your mind after a tiresome schedule. After a long time of work...
Construction in Uganda

House Construction Companies In Uganda

House Construction Companies In Uganda Do you want a residential house, apartments, rentals, offices or any structure for business purposes? Owning a house has been...

Felix Tshisekedi wins DR Congo Presidential election

Opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi has won the Democratic Republic of Congo presidential elections according to the results declared by electoral commission. The poll results...