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Uganda Public Holidays

Listed here below are Uganda’s Public Holidays from January to December. January 1 – New Year’s Day. January 26 – National Resistance Movement (NRM) Liberation Day. March,...

Uganda Map

Uganda is endowed with 10 National Parks spread in different parts of the country. The country’s tourism success revolves around these parks to a...

Uganda Attractions

Gorilla Trekking Uganda is well known all over the word as the country with most Mountain Gorillas. In fact Uganda is the best...
Cultural Tourism

Uganda Tourism

Uganda offers virgin tourist attractions ranging from breathtaking landscape, cultural diversity and varied ecosystems. Uganda is off the beaten path. The fauna and flora...

Kampala City

This article is about the city of Kampala. For Old Kampala, see Kampala Hill. Kampala is the largest city and capital of Uganda. The...
the flag of uganda

Uganda Demorgraphy

Annual population growth rate (2009 estimation): 3.3%. Ethnic groups: Baganda, Banyankole, Bahima, Bakiga, Banyarwanda, Bunyoro, Batoro, Langi, Acholi, Lugbara, Karamojong, Basoga, Bagisu, and others....

Uganda Popution

Uganda’s population is predominately rural, and its population density is highest in the southern regions. Asians constituted the largest non-indigenous ethnic group in Uganda...
Uganda's Climate


Although generally equatorial, the climate is not uniform as the altitude modifies the climate. Southern Uganda is wetter with rain generally spread throughout the...

Facts About Uganda

UGANDA GOVERNMENTType: Republic. Constitution: Ratified July 12, 1995; promulgated October 8, 1995. Independence: October 9, 1962. Branches: Executive–president, vice president, prime minister, cabinet. Legislative–parliament. Judicial–Magistrates’ Courts, High...
Cultural Tourism

Uganda Cultures & Tribes

Uganda is a home to many tribes that speak different languages. Uganda has 56 tribes and about nine indigenous communities that formally came to...

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Gorilla trekking in Virunga massif

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How can you differentiate a mountain gorilla to other gorillas? On the look, the mountain gorillas are more grey than brown, are covered with...
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Uganda’s Attractions

<a href="http:// Gorilla Trekking Uganda is well known all over the word as the country with most Mountain Gorillas. In fact Uganda is...